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Easy Stream Publisher

Web Marketing And Promotion Made Easy

Easy Stream Publisher is a proprietary web marketing and publishing platform. The platform utilizes specialized modules designed around specific marketing and promotion functions for the web. If you are looking to have a powerful “Done For You” Web Promotion and Marketing Presence you came to the right place.

Key Features Of The Platform

  • Custom Designed Look And Feel Theme
  • Integration Of Offline And Online Marketing
  • List Building Module For Promotion Broadcasting
  • Built In Auto-responder For Message Broadcast Automation
  • On Demand Message Broadcasting For Announcements & Promotions
  • Built In Survey And Polling Modules To Collect Market Intelligence
  • Full Featured Live Media Publishing
  • Social Media Integration with Facebook
  • Extensive Real Time Analytic Reports On Traffic And Conversions
  • And Much, Much More

In Addition You Also Get:

One On One Sessions To Plan And
Implement Web Marketing Strategies

This publishing platform can also accommodate a membership site, eCommerce, forums, sell ads to other businesses and a whole lot more.  The platform actually has more capabilities than can be listed here because it covers such a wide variation of functions. The additional modules can easily incorporate the specialized needs various business have. They provide more opportunities to engage with visitors and include social aspects that promote traffic and increase sales revenue.

Why Are These Features Important To Your Business?

Easy Stream Publisher will do three things for your business:

  1. Increase Revenue
  2. Lower the Cost of Customer Acquisition
  3. Send More Profits To The Bottom Line

Theme Based Look And Feel

Each Easy Stream Publisher site gets a custom designed theme that handles the “Look and Feel” of your website. Content is plugged in and everything else is handled by the theme and the platform.

One On One Sessions To Plan And Implement Marketing

More importantly, it’s not just a web development platform. Each client receives personal one on one marketing and promotion services on a prearranged basis. The purpose of the sessions are to contribute our experience and knowledge in planning and implementing marketing methods as well as review results.

Integrate Online Marketing With Offline Marketing

Quick Response Codes

Traditional offline marketing is no longer a viable means of promoting your business. First of all not only is it very expensive for the results obtained, it no longer has the exposure it once had before the Internet and other advances in technology.

One technology that is changing offline marketing is QR (Quick Response) codes. If you aren’t familiar with QR codes they are those strange looking checker board squares appearing on all kinds of media.

Lots of businesses are now using these codes to integrate their offline marketing with their online presence. The codes are scanned with a smart phone and have the ability to perform several different functions.

Once a smart phone reads the code it can provide contact information, open up a webpage for more information, load a coupon, add someone to a list or any number of other possibilities.

The most powerful marketing aspect of QR codes is instant gratification. It allows a business to connect with a prospect while they have their attention. This is a major shift from the benefits of traditional advertising. Not only does it provide instant gratification but it can incorporate tracking and analytics to measure effectiveness. How powerful is that?


An Even better way to integrate online marketing with offline marketing is by taking advantage of smart phone apps like Foursquare. Foursquare is a geo-location app. It allows users to check-in at various locations to earn badges and claim rewards from businesses. Besides that when a user checks in it broadcasts their location to their friends.

Businesses are using Foursquare in all kinds of ways with their marketing to bring in more business.  It’s very cost effective because it’s free and it works.

List Building For Promotion Broadcasting

Using your website to build a list can have a big impact on successful marketing and promotions provided it is used properly. There are three important things to realize. First it has to have a strong incentive to get subscribers on your list. Second it must build a rapport with your subscribers.  Third to be highly effective it should only be used sparingly for promotions. There’s an art and a science to promote your business to a list of subscribers. We take care of all that for you.

The Built In Auto-Responder Automates Broadcast Marketing

This is huge. Another very useful feature built in to Easy Stream Publisher is the auto-responder. The auto-responder can be set up to send a series of message on any schedule to your subscribers. It basically can put your marketing on auto pilot.

Imagine This

You have all your messages and promotions systematically organized in a sequence. It could be a newsletter, an introductory course or a marketing campaign. The entire sequence goes out on a specific schedule, completely automated and personalized to each subscriber. This is the power of an auto-responder.

In addition to your messages completely automated they can also go out on demand. By that I mean any single message can be created and broadcast to your list with a push of a button.

Built In Surveys & Polling Module

The survey and polling module can be used to run a contest, get feedback, conduct a quiz or any situation that involves making a selection or selections from a list. It’s a great tool to collect market intelligence and engage with visitors to your website. It automatically collects the data and logs all the information into an organized report. As a marketing tool this is an important asset to have in your arsenal.

Full Featured Live Media Publishing

Visitors to your site love audio and video because it make it easy for them to take in your content. The search engines also love it and will rank your site highly. Audio and video content is a powerful tools to have at your disposal. Don’t underestimate what this can do for your business. We provide all the assistance and technical help to make it happen with little effort on your part. The platform does all the heavy lifting.

Social Media Integration

Sites like Facebook are now part of every serious marketing effort. The platform has the ability to create a post on any visitors Facebook wall. All they have to do is click a button indicating that they like something on your site. That’s it!

This is very powerful. A module on the platform automatically will post an excerpt and a link to your site on their Facebook wall. This has a viral traffic effect to your site because all their friends see it. When there friends visit your site they will also have the opportunity to like content with a button click. This starts the sequence all over again spreading throughout Facebook virally.

Real Time Analytics

Real time analytics provide the statistical information needed to gauge the performance of your site and its marketing effectiveness. When you log into the data screen you have access to as much detail as any marketing professional could want.

It gives you extensive information on visitors, how they got there, where they’re located, what pages were visited, how long they spent on the site, unique visitors, return visitors, page views, conversions and much more that I can list here. Just realize that you can access anything about traffic to your site than you can imagine.